“Margaret, thank you so much for organising such wonderful tours. Egypt is an intriguing and mystifying country and your tour enabled us to live and breath this culture so very different from our own. From the time I first saw the flyer, I knew this was the tour for me! It not only encompassed the major tourist attractions but offered so much more- dancing, shopping, culture! While designed with the dancer in mind, your preparation and forethought enabled other options if we wanted to do other things. I know what I have experienced does not occur everyday and for this I am truly thankful. Keep up the good work and I look forward to another journey with you, Inshallah.”

— Birgit Zammit

“Dear Margaret, once again you have managed to encourage, inspire and empower many people to spread their wings and explore this amazing place. Your tireless preparation and determination to deliver such a rich and unique tour experience is appreciated by everyone who travels with you. What a special lady you are! Each time I come to Egypt with you it feels like home and I find myself casting my eyes up to the heavens and saying a quiet thankyou. Wishing you many wonderful successful tours in the years ahead.”

— Helen Hampton
(Soul Dance tour #4 and counting!!)

“Thankyou for a wonderful journey into the exotic, historic land of Egypt. The tastes, sounds, smells and lifestyle of this country will truly be an experience we will never forget. It is everything we imagined it to be and so much more. The memories of the Pyramids, Sphinx, King Tut’s Tomb, Temples, Camel and Donkey rides, will remain in our hearts and souls forever. And again thankyou for making our trip not only memorable but spiritual and fulfilling.”

— Gabby and Maddy McCann

“Oh Miss Margaret! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a journey like this one! While I have wanted to see the landmarks like the Pyramids and temples since I was old enough to recognise them, the real highlights for me have been the people. The Egyptians are so amazingly beautiful, so friendly and welcoming and so alive! But it has also been the people I have shared this journey with that have taught me so much; I have made valuable friendships here. Words simply can’t sum up how you manage to show us Egypt through your eyes. I have fallen in love with all that is Egypt, and someday I will return with you to soak up the sights, sounds, energy and peace of this inspiring country. I thank you Margaret, for putting so much time into organising this magical journey and making it more than I could have dreamed. You are magic Miss Margaret!

— Jayde Trevaskis

“Margaret’s tour goes beyond the scope of most other tours. Egypt is such a spiritual place and the tour has activities that allowed me to experience this. As a fellow dancer I think she understands how we think...we wanted dance, music, culture and shopping (!) and that’s what we got. Her love for the people and the country spread around the group. I can’t think of anything I would have changed (more spending money perhaps?!!).”

— Julie Abercrombie

“Margaret, what a gem you are, quietly sparkling your way through Egypt. Through this tour you have managed to capture the spirit of Egypt. I have had an absolutely wonderful time and my heart has been touched by the magic of this country. My memories of my time with this group will stay in my heart forever. Thankyou so much for creating an adventurous, exciting, dancing journey in Egypt.”

— Mudita

“I was part of the Soul Dance Tour to Egypt earlier this year and am happy to share my thoughts on the tour.I am not part of a dance group, but my sister is and when she was planning her 2nd trip to Egypt she asked if I would like to go on the tour with her. I had never really thought about visiting Egypt before Helen became involved in middle eastern dance, but when she returned from her first trip I could see that it must be a very special place and an opportunity to see it with her was very tempting. Now I wish I was going back again next year!

Right from the initial planning stage Margaret kept us informed and excited with regular emails explaining different things about the tour and the country. She told us about everything, from money issues (including backsheesh expectations) to vaccination requirements, to local customs, to common phrases and useful words, looking back I see now that there were no 'surprises'.

Departure day arrived and we were greeted by Margaret with a beautiful Guided Journal she had prepared which not only gave more useful information about the daily tour activities but also advice on the Australian Embassy, time differences, duty free regulations etc. It also had space for our own words /pictures/keepsakes from each day. Again she had everything covered.

I could tell you about every day and everything we did, and about how wonderful the Egyptians are, and about the music and the dance, but I'm sure you want to discover that yourself with the advantage of it being 'new'.

I could tell you that Margaret organised a very professional tour, but that sounds like she was not involved in everything herself which wasn't the case, she even got on a 'dancing horse' and for someone who doesn't ride, that's pretty gutsy - but that added to the 'dancing horse experience'.

I could tell you that Margaret organised a very enjoyable tour, but then I would want to change enjoyable to 'memorable', 'fantastic', 'life-changing' and even then I think I would probably be understating it.

I could tell you that Margaret took care of EVERYTHING, but then you might think that it was like those tours where you feel like you're being bossed around all the time, and this wasn't the case, if you needed her she was there, but if you wanted to be independant, she made sure you were ok and left you to it.

I could also tell you that Margaret was inspirational to those on the tour with her appreciation of all things Egyptian, but that would only be telling half the story - I got the impression she was inspirational to the Egyptians as well. They can see her love for the country and the culture and admire and respect her for it. They appear to do anything the 'Boss Lady' wishes.

On the issue of safety/security, it really wasn't an issue - Margaret had briefed us well and so had the local tour company she used, the local guide who travelled with us was always looking out for us and I don't think there was a time that anyone felt anything but safe.

I hope you get the opportunity to travel with Margaret, although be warned, you will probably want to do it more than once!”

— Jenny Webster
(who still doesn't dance but sometimes wishes she did, especially when the Egyptian CDs get put on and the photo album appears)

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