Shuvani - Festivále Historíque

The ancient nomads, the troubadours, the voyageurs of the Spice Trail are brought to vivid life in a carnival of music, dance, arts and colour. Travel back in time and immerse your family in the lifestyle and exquisite encampment of the nomads of a bygone era.

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Tickets at the gate
$5 entry
kids under 5 free
Shuvani encampment by night
  • Live Encampment
  • Choreographed Dance Show
  • Artisan Displays
  • Animal Pens
  • Henna Tattoo Artistry
  • Fortune Telling
  • Dance Workshops
  • Talisman and Amulet Lore
  • Natural Healing and Herbalism
  • Peg Doll Workshops for Children
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Historically Educational

Our story...

On and around the turn of the first millennium, several massive migratory events occurred in the region we know today as north western India.  As the migrants travelled westward across Asia and toward Europe, they both influenced and were influenced by the cultures through which they passed. Some groups settled along the way, giving rise to new languages and new nations which survive to this day in those places, such as the Domari in the Middle East and the Lomavren of Armenia. Other groups continued to migrate west into Europe and, although never finding a new host country to embrace them, went on to forge the Romani nation; perhaps the most prolific and well known of these groups.

Shuvani Festivále Historíque distils the essence of these early migrants from India, before the crystallisation of the new nations.  The arts, crafts, music, dance and encampment depict the fusion of the various regions along the Spice Trail from India to Spain.  

The stage is brought vividly to life through the painstaking creation of a full nomads’ encampment, featuring individual dwellings, animal pens, artisan work stations, performance areas, the community hearth and, of course, the essential wagons.  The encampment bustles day and night with the re-enactment of the medieval lifestyle, trades, entertainments and artistry of the Shuvani.

While endeavouring to depict neither the Indian or the Romani nations, Shuvani Festivále Historíque pays special tribute to the Indian origins of these medieval travellers, and also presents a tribute to the Romani nation which still struggles for recognition and social justice. For the Romani, that ‘journey’ continues.

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