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Oriental (Belly Dance) classes

Current classes are as follows:

  • Intermediate - Tuesday night
  • Advanced- Wednesday morning
  • Professional Advanced - Thursday nights

Romani Gypsy Dance classes

Romani styles are taught by Margaret. Some dances are taught in regular class time, others are taught in extra classes and workshops scheduled in March to July in preparation for the Abbey Medieval Fayre. It is possible to take part in all Romani based festivals and performances without necessarily having to take regular Oriental classes. Please contact Margaret to discuss your participation.

  • Mozaik World Gypsy Fusion - Tuesday nights

Soul Dance Introductory Course

Beginner classes are launched as an Introductory Course every February and July. These courses are foundational to both the Romani Gypsy and Oriental styles. Please contact Emily to book in for the next available Introductory Course.

  • Introductory Course - night will vary

Ballet classes

Adult ballet classes are run by Michelle Laurenson. Please visit the Sirène website to enquire and book into classes.

  • Intermediate Modern Ballet - Wednesday nights
  • Elementary Modern Ballet - Friday nights
  • Beginners Classical Ballet - Thursday nights (Southside)
  • Pointe - approx monthly on Sunday mornings


American Tribal Style® Bellydance

American Tribal Style® (ATS®) evolved in San Francisco, USA and involves a blend of bellydance, gypsy (Ghawazee) traditions and Flamenco. It is danced as a tribe, and has cues built into the moves to enable people to follow a leader and exchange leadership. It has flourished as a style around the world and is now on offer in Petrie thanks to Soul Dance.

For more information about the classes, please click here. To make a booking or enquire about the class, contact Rita.

  • Open level - fortnightly on Saturday mornings

Egyptian Drumming

The drumming group meets roughly every three weeks (on a Sunday morning) with teacher Terry Ferguson from Gympie. Beginners welcome as are more advanced players. The group meets at Soul Dance Studio, Petrie from 9am to 11am. Please contact Terry for enquiries.

  • Open level - approx three-weekly on Sunday mornings
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