Margaret CunninghamMargaret Cunningham

Bach Ed, PGrad Arts (Leadership) – Principal.

Margaret has been a student and teacher of Middle Eastern Dance since 1998. Obsessively researching and taking every opportunity to study with various local teachers and international guest instructors, she discovered a passion for all things Middle Eastern resulting in the founding of her school, Soul Dance, which has enabled her to pass this passion on to her students.

In 2003 Margaret began a new journey of discovery when the music, dance and culture of the Romani (Gypsy) people captured her heart. Observing the many misconceived and diluted representations of Romani dance within the Middle Eastern dance community, Margaret has made it a personal goal to open the eyes of fellow dancers and audiences to the depth and richness of authentic Romani dance; the truth being infinitely more interesting and beautiful than the fiction. Not content to learn from second-hand sources, Margaret has travelled the world researching and learning from within the Middle Eastern and Romani communities and has extended her passion for sharing her knowledge to designing and conducting tours for students and fellow teachers to Turkey and Egypt.

It is with much pride that Margaret now has several devoted students who have become teachers within the school…


The Hush Gypsy (Rita)The Hush Gypsy (Rita)

The Hush Gypsy is a passionate performer, who draws from Rom-inspired styles, contact improvisation and American Tribal Style® Dance. She regularly teaches and performs at events and festivals in Brisbane, and across the East Coast. Her training has taken place in four cities in Australia, California USA and Toronto, Canada and span over a decade. For five years, the Hush Gypsy choreographed, taught and performed with the Canberra Dance Theatre.

Her classes are energetically paced and include a proper warm up and cool down/stretching. Rita is trained in American Tribal Style® Bellydance and loves the technique and dynamic movement of this genre, as well as the gift of dancing in a tribe and with other ATS® dancers. Rita is offering classes in Petrie for beginners to intermediate levels.


Marilyn TramaMarilyn Trama

Marilyn is the capable leader of Bohemienne Dreams, Soul Dance's student troupe who perform regularly at charity and community events and non profit organisations.


Michelle LaurensonMichelle Laurenson

Michelle brings her life-long passion for ballet to Soul Dance, and teaches an engaging modern mix of contemporary, lyrical and classical ballet in adult beginner and intermediate classes.

Her classes, named “Sirène”, learn in a traditional manner of barre, centre and danse, to mainly popular and rock music.


Emily DayEmily Day

Emily is an eager student and professional belly dancer from Brisbane. She started her dance journey with classical oriental dance in 2011 at the age of 12. Since then she has moved into the Romani folkloric styles of Indian, Turkish 9/8, Russian, Spanish and Macedonian. Along with this she has trained in contemporary, musical theatre, jazz and hip hop. Emily has formally completed a certificate 3 in dance and certificate 2 in music.

This year she has decided to share her love of dance by beginning to train with Margaret Cunningham to become a future teacher at Soul Dance.


Rashelle ChristensenRashelle Christensen

Rashelle joined the Soul Dance School in 2013 and fell in love. She now enjoys teaching through the break to help Margaret while she’s away getting inspiration to bring back.

Rashelle is dedicated to the School and hopes to learn as much as she can.


Molly ColemanMolly Coleman

Molly is a member of Silk Road Rebellion and teaches a weekly Beginner class.

Molly has been learning ATS® since 2014 with The Hush Gypsy (Rita) and she has also learned Oriental and Romani-inspired dance for two years before (with Margaret Cunningham), which is reflected in her solos that brim with passion and feeling.

Her love of performing has been nurtured by the other members of the Soul Dance family and Silk Road Rebellion, especially by Rita and Margaret.


Elena StekiewiczElena Stekiewicz

Elena runs Soul Dance's kids classes. Elena started her dance journey at the tender age of 5 learning ballet and jazz. Over the years she has learnt many different styles including hip hop, contemporary, latin and salsa. In 2014 she discovered Soul Dance and fell in love with Middle Eastern dance.

Elena loves to share her passion for dance and runs her classes as an all inclusive environment.


Kristy DavenportKristy Davenport

Kristy is a popular long-time member of the Soul Dance community, and specialises in teaching much-loved dances during Margaret's absences.

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